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SMHA Fundraising Golf Tournament at Kelab Rahman Putra Malaysia
1st March 2024

This event was sponsored by :

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The Selangor Mental Health Association (here forth referred to as “SMHA”) successfully organised its inaugural Fundraising Golf Tournament with the aim of raising funds to supplement SMHA’s community outreach programs alongside other mental health awareness programs.


A total of 47 players and 13 sponsors joined to help raise funds and to further mental health awareness by participation.

President of SMHA, Dato’ Dr Andrew Mohanraj said the proceeds from the Golf Charity event will be used for community awareness, subsidised counselling and rehabilitation services for those in the B40 category. "Mental health conditions are something that can effect anyone , directly or indirectly irrespective of age, gender or background" said Dr Andrew.

Mental Health awareness has never been more pivotal as we emerge from a post-Covid period which has left
countless Malaysians in dire need of mental health support and treatment. However, the extensive number of Malaysians who either lack the knowledge of, or the funds to seek therapy is highly alarming.


With various outreach and fundraising events, SMHA is determined to champion this cause with the further backing and endorsement by His Royal Highness, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Al-Haj Ibni Almarhum Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Al-Haj, who recently called for a collaboration between SMHA and the State Government to proactively help its people to ensure their general well-being from all aspects.

SMHA’s vision is to promote mental health as an integral aspect of society's overall health and well-being. This brings hope to all communities in Selangor to receive the help that they need to advance their mental well-being.


SMHA, as an NGO, is run by a group of volunteers comprising doctors, mental health professionals, parents, trainers, legal advisors, students and other individuals who all believe in the benefits of raising mental health awareness and shed light on the support needed.

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