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World Mental Health Day, Megah Rise, Selangor 8th October 2023

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In a significant effort to raise awareness and emphasize the importance of mental health, the Selangor Mental Health Association (SMHA) hosted a captivating event at Megah Rise Mall on October 8, 2023, in the lead-up to World Mental Health Day. The event featured a diverse lineup of speakers, including professionals and individuals sharing their personal mental health journeys.

One of the event's standout moments was a poignant and deeply moving talk by Madam Kim. Her discussion illuminated the ways in which we can provide support and care to loved ones grappling with mental illnesses.


Prof. Dato Dr. Andrew Mohan Raj then took the stage, offering insights into the complexities of depression among the elderly, shedding light on hidden symptoms that can impact their daily lives.


Concluding the trio of remarkable talks was Ms. Jay Shangkari, who eloquently stressed the significance of mental health during childhood and its profound influence on later life.

Beyond these enlightening discussions, the World Mental Health Day event at Megah Rise Mall was far from ordinary. It brought together a substantial audience through engaging and enjoyable activities, adding a touch of entertainment to the day's mission of promoting mental well-being. Including mental health assessments done by RE: Life Mental Health Clinic along with vital sign check by Eve Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centre.


As we approach World Mental Health Day on October 10, 2023, this event serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of mental health in our daily lives and the significance of supporting one another on the journey to mental well-being.

A special thank you to our organisers: SMHA and Megah Rise along with our Co-organisers and volunteers at: RE:Life Mental Health Clinic, Eve Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centre, Malaysian Red Crescent: Selangor along with Anytime Fitness, Jal Yoga, Soeyewear and Active chimps for making the event possible.


This event emphasized the vitality of open conversations, support networks and accessible mental health services to the community. As SMHA remains committed in breaking the stigma that revolves around mental health and to foster a more empathetic and inclusive society in which maintaining one’s mental wellbeing is a priority!

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