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Mental Health First Aid Course

The primary objective of the Mental Health First Aid program is to provide the participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize and respond to mental health crises

Program Overview

This 12-hour course is suitable for adults in the workplace, institutions and the community, and covers the following areas:

1. Understanding various common mental health problems, in particular :

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Psychosis

  • Suicide and non-suicidal self-injury

2. Providing first aid to people experiencing these problems, specifically on :

  • How to approach

  • Encourage to seek professional help

  • Knowing where and how to seek professional help

Comforting Hands

Upcoming Schedule

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Meet The Trainer


Mala Davi N Thanjappan (M.Ed)

CEO of MDC Training and Management Services

Trainer & Consultant (HRDCORP Certified Trainer)

45 years of work experience &

training service provider to Corporates and training centers via face-to-face or online

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