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Health & Wellness Week, Star Avenue Lifestyle Mall
Selangor 25th to 26th October 2023

This program is organized by :

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Star Avenue Lifestyle Mall hosted and coordinated a health & wellness weekend in order to promote services that could improve the lifestyle of an individual.


We at Selangor Mental Health Association (SMHA) were honored to be invited to participate in the event and host an informative and interactive booth there. Also present for the mental health awareness aspect, were RE:Life Mental Health Clinic (Relife) and EVE Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centre (EVE).

At the event, there were many professionals from diverse health sectors promoting their services that may benefit the wellbeing of individuals like you and me. The services ranged from standard medical check-ups, mental health services and chiropractic adjustments just to name a few. There was also a blood donation drive.


The event was also graced by a parliament member of Shah Alam, YB Tuan Haji Azli Bin Yusof. YB Tuan Haji thanked all booth attendees for the services they provided and visited each and every booth to inquire about the services provided, the benefits of seeking the service and impacts to customers quality of life.

There were numerous health talks. Our very own Ms. Mala Davi shared about mental health disorders and how it affected her daughter which inspired her to join SMHA and provide care to patients impacted by mental diseases. Her daughter, Vishalatchi, bravely went up to the front to speak and shared with us on how mental disorders had affected her and her mom’s life and how she had managed to push through all the difficulties and cope with the disease.

Relife’s success coach Mr. Brian Fong also gave a very informative piece on anxiety and how the different forms anxiety may appear. 

Overall, the event had a very cheerful atmosphere as attendees walked around the booths and gained new insights into the different ways these services can help maintain their wellbeing. We were delighted to see that there were attendees enquiring about our services at the SMHA, Relife and EVE booths, showing us that mental health awareness is gaining the attention it needs especially in Malaysia where mental health is often overlooked.

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